Material Line


Each piece is a fragment of history, of heritage and is witness to an ancient language never forgotten.


The cubes, also known as ‘tozzetti’ or ‘sanpietrini’ are of cubic shape, with dimensions of around 6-8cm each side. Split processing allows for the products to obtain a rough, anti-slip surface, which renders them particularly suited to outside paving- roads and town squares. The company produces these in Basalt and Granite


The pebbles produced by the Company replicate the size and spherical ovate shape of those found on sea and riverbeds. These products obtained from Sardinian Basalt may be used for paving of roads and streets in historical town centres, of which they help reconstruct the historical.

Realizzazione di pavimentazione con piastrelle con basalto e materiali lapidei - Perdas basalti


The slabs made from Sardinian Basalt are obtained with a circular saw cut, and are produced by the company in square and rectangular form, of different sizes and thickness, with bush-hammered, mineral, smooth and leathered finishes. They are particularly suitable for interior and exterior paving, especially due to the characteristics of durability.


The slabs defined as ‘Uncertain Pieces’ take their Latin name from a building technique used by the Romans, dating back to 2BC. It involves the use of slabs of stone of different shapes and sizes similarly to the pieces of a mosaic.
Slabs ‘Uncertain Pieces’ of ‘Perdas’ are made with Sardinian Basalt, although they are also vastly produced in Sardinian Granite. Due to their hardwearing properties and their strong resistance to the elements, these slabs are mostly used for paving Town.

Perdas basalti - Cordoli segati in basalto di Sardegna


Sardinian basalt curbs, obtained with the saw plane, are produced by the company in solid blocks (side x side), running lengths no less than 50 cm, exposed surfaces saw / grit floor, edges sawn orthogonal to the plane with bevelled edge.